Monday, February 9, 2009

Matthew Browndorf's Investment firm BrowndorfPEM

Browndorf private equity management (BrowndorfPEM) is a Pennsylvania limited liability Company (LLC) registered to do business in California. Matthew Browndorf is a registered investment advisor and the advisor for the BrowndorfPEM Funds, including the Browndorf Life Settlement Portfolios, LP.

BrowndorfPEM offers a complete suite of financial management and growth products suitable to meet the different needs of a variety of clients, families, offices, or institutions. The portfolio of Matthew Browndorf’s services at BrowndorfPEM includes Wealth Advisory Services, proprietary private equity and hedge fund management services and independent investment banking services.

Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM Wealth Advisory Services provides customized asset management and financial planning techniques to individuals, businesses, and institutional clients. Matthew Browndorf’s services are characterized by disciplined asset allocation, risk management, and performance monitoring process at BrowndorfPEM.

Matthew Browndorf's BrowndorfPEM’s life settlement fund realizes significant absolute returns through the investment in Senior Life Settlements. These investments utilize BrowndorfPEM's proprietary expertise and risk management capabilities through careful portfolio selection, legal risk management and optimized return analytics.

Matthew Browndorf’s BrowndorfPEM Investment Banking Services are operated by a network of non-affiliated and independent broker dealers. BrowndorfPEM emphasizes synergistic products and services for company’s private clients, family, or office investor base. At the helm of BrowndorfPEM are two legal and financial experts Matthew Browndorf, Esq. and Jonathan T. Sadowsky.

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