Friday, February 13, 2009

Browndorf PEM LLC-Piercing barriers

BrowndorfPEM, a firm co-managed by Matthew Browndorf is a well-known name in the private equity management sector. BrowndorfPEM offers a complete suite of financial management and growth products suitable for different types of clients, including family, office, or institution.

Matthew Browndorf’s Wealth Advisory Services at BrowndorfPEM, proprietary private equity and hedge fund management services and independent investment banking services offer the best financing and investment solutions to their clients. Browndorf manages the fund with the help of a personalized and professional management team, led by legal, finance, credit, bankruptcy and turnaround experts. The notable people working at the helm are Matthew Browndorf, Esq. and Jonathan T. Sadowsky.

BrowndorfPEM is a firm dedicated to serving professional investors, led by Matthew Browndorf. It aligns itself primarily with its investors, so BrowndorfPEM's investment banking services are offered through registered representatives of independent broker dealer. These representatives allow BrowndorfPEM to refer suitable clients to them independently. This method emphasizes Matthew Browndorf's BrowndorfPEM policy of putting investor first and the transaction second. It also allows BrowndorfPEM to focus on providing structured financial products utilizing various hedging strategies such as Senior Life Settlements, offered at BrowndorfPEM.

BrowndorfPEM’s investments cover a wide spectrum of asset classes, which include illiquid specific situation investments. These investments are balanced with senior debt positions earning monthly cash returns and permit the advantages of hedge fund style liquidity rights at BrowndorfPEM.

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