Friday, February 13, 2009

Browndorf Life Settlements Portfolios

BrowndorfPEM is a Pennsylvania-based limited liability company founded by Mathew Browndorf. Matthew Browndorf's BrowndorfPEM offers a complete suite of financial management and growth products to meet the needs of private clients, families, offices and institutions. BrowndorfPEM, LLC, is the advisor for the Browndorf Life Settlements Funds.

Through the BrowndorfPEM Life Settlement Funds, Matthew Browndorf seeks to gain significant absolute returns through the investment in Senior Life Settlements at BrowndorfPEM. Matthew Browndorf's BrowndorfPEM services leverage its investment managers’ proprietary expertise and risk management capabilities through careful portfolio selection, legal risk management and optimized return analytics at BrowndorfPEM.

Matthew Browndorf's life settlement funds at BrowndorfPEM generate revenues based on both income from maturing policies as well as capital gains from secondary sales of the structured product. The funds at BrowndorfPEM employ the “best in class” approach to service providers using top tier firms for fund services. These are just a gist of the services offered at Matthew Browndorf's BROWNDORFPEM.

BrowndorfPEM Life Settlements products are suitable for both short and long term investment needs as well as for collateral for project investments and other asset backed securitized structures in a Principal Protected Note type of structure. BrowndorfPEM’s well-experienced portfolio management team of senior legal and finance professionals is led by Matthew Browndorf, Esq., and Jonathan T. Sadowsky.

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